As different as we are, as difficult it is to capture one’s uniqueness.

Therefore I find it even more difficult to direct people when it comes to take portraits, for example. I love the spontaneous side of People Photography. It shows you the truth of the moment. No directing, no producing of a situation. Just the situation itself. And the people in it.


Analog Photography

I just startet analog Photography a few months ago. I’m proud that I focused on the analog way right at the beginning of my apprenticeship so it wasn’t as hard as I thought it would be.

It’s essential to deal with the circumstances of the situation before taking the picture. This may will sound uninspiring but it is important because it means that you know what you’re doing. And it means that you care about the result of your pictures. It is as important as for digital Photography. Don’t let those new functions on your Camera take the pictures for you.

It has to be you.



Going to take pictures at the KEEP IT TRUE – Festival this year.


I feel so honored and I am excited for this opportunity. I can not wait to follow the bands, the visitors and alle the people how make this festival amazing, around. And capture all these wonderful moments.

Beside all those amazing Bands and people there I have the possibility to combine this with the work I love.


That’s life.